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Tantrika Arts publishes esoteric literature on philosophy, the occult, magick and Thelema. Read articles here on magick, tarot and astrology. You are welcome to send us an email with an enquiry concerning our publications. Tantrika is located in St. Ives, West Cornwall UK.

Sacred Arts, Temple Artefacts

Tantrika Temple Artefacts came about when we prodiced a design based on the famous Tantric meditation Sri Yantra. By the time we created a 12” by 12” print on metal (alluminium) for wall-hanging, there seemed no reason to stop there. Why not create a full sized wall-hanging? And a medium sized wall-hanging. And so Tantrika ‘Temple Furnishings’ was born forth. The intention is to create further wall-hangings suitable for temple use, such as the Ordo Astri Vesica Piscis, the Stele of King Narmer and others. Altar cloths with the Golden Dawn Cross and Triangle printed on, for example, will be very practical and easy to manage.

Book Releases

Tantrika Arts: Dreaming Thelema of Kenneth Grant and HP LovecraftDreaming Thelema of Kenneth Grant and H.P. Lovecraft
Oliver St. John
Grant made much use of Lovecraft’s work, using it to formulate his strange notion of Thelema. The book features 17 full colour Surrealist paintings created as part of this unique project.

Information and preview

Formats available (one):
6×9; full colour illustrations on white photographic paper
ISBN 978-1-78280-888-6
View / purchase book here

Tantrika Arts: Magical Art of Surreal RomanticismMagical Art of Surreal Romanticism
Oliver St. John
An in-depth illustrated study that takes in the use of occult methods such as automatism in the arts and literature, and compares the results with the curious concept of retroversion of the senses as termed by Kenneth Grant and typified by the work of artist Austin Osman Spare.

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Preview extracts and artwork

Formats available:

  1. 6×9 hardbound, casewrap; full colour illustrations on white paper
    ISBN 978-1-78280-803-9
    View / purchase hardbound book here
  2. 6×9 perfect bound paperback; full colour illustrations on white paper
    ISBN 978-1-78280-873-2
    View / purchase paperback book here

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