Tantrika Author Oliver St. John

Oliver St. John has published works dealing with occult aspects of the magick of Thelema and the Western Hermetic Tradition. Latest Tantrika Books release is Dreaming Thelema of Kenneth Grant and H. P. Lovecraft. Other titles are published under the Ordo Astri Imprimatur. Here are a few samples, or view them all at Ordo Astri.

Occult Books: The Phoenix and other Stellar Rites of Initiation

By Oliver St. John

Now Available (from 14th April 2017)

The Phoenix and other Stellar Rites of InitiationThis book redefines the Magick of Light for the New Aeon. Liber CMXXX is the rite of admission to the first degree in the Golden Dawn of a Thelemic magical Order. It is the key to forging the correct inner plane contacts. The first degree is that of Neophyte, corresponding Qabalistically to Malkuth. The most important Initiations are those that take place on the central or middle pillar of the Hermetic Tree of Life. We therefore include with this book the admission to the grade of Zelator, The Ceremony for making the Khu perfect or Liber XXV, and Liber Zain, a modern version of the Bornless Ritual to attain the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. The three ceremonies of Initiation each come with new or extended commentaries. The “flashing colours” are particular to the Magick of Light that is, in turn, the central operational factor in theurgical rites. The diagrams and illustrations, reproduced in colour, are integral to this book.

Format: 6×9 full interior colour PBK
88 pages (white photographic paper)
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Occult Books: The Flaming Sword Sepher Sephiroth

By Oliver St. John

Volume One and Two Available

Occult Classics: The Flaming Sword Sepher Sephiroth Volume OneThe Flaming Sword consists of more than 1000 pages, in two volumes. In addition to the substantial Sepher Sephiroth there is an introductory guide to the use of the book, tables of Hebrew, Greek and Enochian values, prime numbers, and a complete set of Magical Kameas with corrected and redrawn planetary seals and sigils.

The Flaming Sword is the result of many years of practical work and research by the author. Greek words from the New Testament and Hermetica are included, in addition to the usual Hebrew words; the entire Enochian vocabulary of John Dee is included, as well as Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic and ancient Egyptian. Where appropriate, Gematria with detailed Qabalistic notes has been provided. The book also serves as a veritable grimoire for those engaged with the more specialised work of the Egyptian Book of the Law, Liber AL vel Legis, and the Thelemic or ‘93’ current. The Flaming Sword provides multiple solutions to all of the riddles of Liber AL, as well as some of the most cryptic passages.

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Format: 6×9 high quality paperback, in two volumes
Volume One: 684 pages
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Volume Two: 584 pages
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