Tantrika Books Cornerstones

Tantrika Books Cornerstones. The latest Tantrika Books release is Dreaming Thelema of Kenneth Grant and H. P. Lovecraft by Oliver St. John.

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Tantrika Books Cornerstones: The Phoenix

The Phoenix and other Stellar Rites of Initiation by Oliver St. John.

The magician invokes according to the Sun—deosil—yet travels about the circle according to the Moon—widdershins. When the symbol of the Great Work has been perfectly formed, extending above as the column or pillar, and about the magician as the body of stars, the magician hides himself—his consciousness—in Malkuth. The Angel then seizes the symbol and, by the power of irresistible vibration, causes the spasmodic gushing forth of the seeds of light. The magician is left in no doubt as to whether or not cosmic consciousness has been attained. This is one magical operation where the outcome is positive and most certain. One is either Initiated, and knows it, or not.

[From Mystic Tarot and the Trees of Eternity]

Tantrika Books Cornerstones: Liber CMXXX: Golden Dawn Lamen of Malkuth

The illustration (left) is from the title page of Liber Zain—The Bornless Ritual (Liber DCCXVII) from The Phoenix and other Stellar Rites of Initiation. The Golden Dawn lamen combines that of the principal Initiating officers in the ceremonies, Hiereus and Hegemon. These are respectively linked to the Godforms Horus (consecrating fire of death) and Isis (baptismal waters of life). This is the symbol of the Altar, par excellence, and of Malkuth as the basis of the Great Work.

“This ritual is numbered 717, the number of Zain, “a sword”, when spelled in full (ZIN). Zain is emblematic of the Lightning Flash of the Tree of Life that summons or calls forth the Serpent Power. The “Sword and Serpent”, it will be remembered, is the key of admission to the grade of Adeptus Minor. The letter of the sword of the 17th path that connects the centre of self with the divine intuition or Neschemic Intelligence is also the token of the whole Magick of Light as summed up in “Z”. The original hieroglyph for the serpent was nahesh (Ϟ), in later times banished from the Tree of Life and the (presumably) less threatening fish of Nun substituted.

In Preparation

Enochian Magick—Skrying the Aethyrs by Oliver St. John
Angels of Sacred Dance, Love and Whoredom by Oliver St. John
The Priestess and Other Stories by Oliver St. John.

More titles will be added to this list as soon as projects are confirmed for publication.