About Tantrika Books Publishing

Tantrika is a modern publishing house. You are welcome to send us an email with an enquiry concerning our publications. Tantrika is located in St. Ives, West Cornwall UK. Until 2016 we exclusively published instructional esoteric literature under the Ordo Astri Imprimatur. In January 2016 we launched Tantrika Books as a new venture, extending our reach to include non-fiction, short stories, poetry and other literary forms.

We Publish Books on Arts, Magick, Esotericism

Tantrika uses the self-publishing platform to create POD (print on demand) books in hard copy (paperback, hardbound) and eBook editions (Kindle, iBooks). We have many years of experience and strive to continually improve our standards. We manage and oversee the entire process of taking a book from manuscript to completion. We painstakingly edit, proofread, design and publish the book, bringing it to the world via major distributers such as Amazon, Ingram and Barnes and Noble. Please note that we do not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions.

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