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Dreaming Thelema of Kenneth Grant and H. P. Lovecraft

By Oliver St. John
Available 22nd September 2016 (Equinox)

Tantrika Books: Dreaming Thelema of Kenneth Grant and HP LovecraftIt is all too easy for admirers of the work of Kenneth Grant to be detained permanently in his creations, such as the Tunnels of Set schema, or simply transfixed by the stylistic cliché. This book drives a wedge straight to the heart of what Kenneth Grant’s cosmic vision was really about. We know that American writer H. P. Lovecraft had no mystic pretensions, though he did say the dream that inspired the short story Nyarlathotep “might have been prophetic”. Kenneth Grant made much use of Lovecraft’s work, using it to reformulate the ideal of Thelema. The book is primarily concerned with art and magick; it is not a book about art, but a book that is a work of art in itself, featuring seventeen full colour reproductions of Surrealist paintings created as part of this unique project. Also included are three complete short stories by H. P. Lovecraft: Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos, and The Haunter of the Dark, plus a reconstruction of the Lovecraftian Necronomicon.

There is a more detailed description of the book, it’s aims, and a presentation of two of the Surrealist paintings on the Ordo Astri website blog post here.

Formats available:
6×9; full colour illustrations on white photographic paper
ISBN 978-1-78280-888-6
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The Magical Art of Surreal Romanticism

By Oliver St. John
Now available 15th April 2016
Paperback edition now available 19th July 2016

Tantrika Books: Magical Art of Surreal RomanticismThe book is an in-depth illustrated study that takes in the use of occult methods such as automatism in the arts and literature, and compares the results with the Left-hand path or way of retroversion of the senses as termed by Kenneth Grant and typified by the work of artist Austin Osman Spare. True automatism is an inexorable condition of mind and soul that to all intents and purposes is exercised outside and beyond the will of the person, whether they are destined to become a master, a magus, or merely another victim swallowed up by an incomprehensible universe. Automatism was not an invention of the Surrealists, or of Sigmund Freud, but has always existed in magick and alchemy.

In many respects this book is a vindication of the work of English scholar and mystic, Thomas De Quincey, who spoke of a more sublime form of divination by which magnetism may call up from the darkness, “sentiments the most august, previously inconceivable, formless, and without life”, so exalting their character as to “lodge them eternally in human hearts”. The book includes six high quality full colour reproductions of fine art, including rarely seen drawings and paintings by Austin Osman Spare and Ithell Colquhoun.

Formats available:

6×9 hardbound, casewrap; full colour illustrations on white paper
ISBN 978-1-78280-803-9
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6×9 perfect bound paperback; full colour illustrations on white paper
ISBN 978-1-78280-873-2
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